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Fresh Healthy Vending Cafe- Revolutionizing the Convenience of Specialty Coffee

Did you know Americans drank over 400 million cups of coffee per day last year, making United States the leading consumer of coffee in the world? Fresh Healthy Vending has been attacking the junk food world of late, and now they turn their sights on changing the convenience we order gourmet coffee. Originally known for their ground-breaking health snack vending machines, Fresh Vending has completely revolutionized the Vending machine industry-again, by adding the first organic Fresh Healthy Cafe. The Fresh Café vending  is the only combo machine to offer gourmet ground coffee with their signature health snacks and drinks, making it the franchise to own of the future. The days of rushing to and from Starbucks are all but gone with the revitalization of Fresh Healthy Café,  giving consumers fresh brewed coffee delights in 40 seconds.

Did you know coffee actually outranks all other beverage for choice favorite among Americans, with water being it’s only competitor?

The Fresh Café idea was inspired by the idea that consumers should enjoy fresh specialty coffee and health snacks where they work, shop, play and live. Fresh Café vending machines actually grind up whole beans, extract espresso, froths the milk and disposes of grinds in fewer than 40 seconds, delivering you delicious and rewarding coffee with the touch of a button. For around $1.25-$2.00 per cup, choose from delicious options like organic vanilla cappuccino, espresso, latte, chai tea and hot chocolate. Organic black coffee with or without cream are also available. Fresh Vending Café only uses it’s premium roast of international beans including African, South and Central American and Pacific Rim coffee. The final result is a delicious, full-bodies, well-balanced gourmet cup of espresso coffee, every time. These eye-catching self service vending machines are also the first to exclusively offer Fair Trade specialty coffee along with healthy snacks and drinks.

The newly launch Fresh Café machines has finally given java lovers and business owners around the nation something to cheer about. “Fresh healthy Café is doing to Starbucks exactly what Redbox did to Blockbuster,” Dan Negroni, CEO of Fresh Healthy Vending, says about the increase in popularity of Fresh Café locations and franchises. “Consumers are looking for popular high quality drinks and coffees in convenient locations.” Local communities, businesses and the majority of U.S have been craving convenient vending machines that offer specialty drinks like Espressos, Lattes and Cappuccinos from the push of a button. “We are the only company to identify the growing trend towards specialty coffee vending,” says Dan Negroni owner of Fresh Vending Café.

The horrors of waiting in drive-thru lines for $6 coffee may soon be gone as Fresh Cafe vending machines are popping up everywhere from schools, office buildings and worksites offering the highest quality organic gourmet coffee blend possible. The franchise of the future may soon be enjoying specialty coffee in the most convenient way.


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